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'My Butterfly'
'Under and Over'

This is my listings page for my non commissioned work. I frequently create ceramic art, both handmade bisque work and hand painted ceramics, and items for sale will be listed here. This page will be regularly updated as new pieces are made, so please feel free to check in and see what I've been up to! To enquire about a piece, simply email me through my contact page.

'Under and Over' is my first ever 'Place' piece. It positions the viewer on the surface of a lake, with the inside of the bowl being the view looking up at the moon, and the outside being the view down into the lake. Please see my 'Works in Progress' page for more details/photos.

'My Butterfly' plate incorporates one of my favourite poems and a freehand, central painting of a butterfly. It was one of my first 'art' pieces, and I'm very fond of it.


On exhibition in Lovelys Gallery, Margate, from end of August



Pieces for Sale

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