'Under And Over' and Past Works
New Bisque Pieces


These are my very first start to finish clay works. They've just been through their first firing, and now I'm in the process of picking a colour scheme...



'Under And Over'


I wanted to give an impression of place in this piece; in this case, the 'viewer' is located on the surface of a lake. The inside of the bowl is from the perspective of lying on the water, looking up at the moon. The outside, lying on the water looking down. I finished last week, and it's just back from firing. Very happy with it, especially the 'Over' view.

These are my current works in progress; I think the process is important, so I'll be using this section to show how each work develops.

Peter Pan Inspired Lamp


This was a commission, and the first time I'd attempted to paint a sky. I absolutely love this piece, both fired and unfired.



All works and images by Girl Mad As Birds



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The Tree

I'm really pleased with the way this works. It's ended up slightly more stylised than I thought it would, but that seems to work quite well with the overall style.